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Ancient Knowledge

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Wednesday, June 17th 2009

5:38 PM


THE BOOK OF ASSHUR:      Chronicle of the birth; death; and  resurrection of a people. 








A  Prophecy 


TDOTG:   The Comic  [ Volume # 1 ]

Just For Fun



There are brief readings, of the books found above.

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Sunday, April 5th 2009

3:02 PM



The Hidden Enigma has stood silent; watching and waiting, since his intial arrival: April 2008.


Last night, his silence was broken;.....forever.



See what was revealed, by exploring the TOMES ENIGMATIC.  Your journey begins, in our photo gallery.

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Tuesday, December 23rd 2008

6:16 PM

E-Comics Preview # 2



Clan Of Cush 

An Ancient African Adventure

       In the time of the ancient ones, tribal elders would take young men and women; into the forest.  A small community would be built: young women, unto themselves; and young men the same.  Then, the elders would teach:  teaching history; how to hunt, fish and farm; taught the transaction of business; foreign languages, and diplomacy; how to build private dwellings, for their future families; how to cook; and, even proper marital relations.

All, the young men were taught to fight:  They being full of themselves, and longing for battle.  So, the elders would give staffs and spears; shields and small swords: saying, “You are warriors; you will protect us, and our way of life.”  The young women were taught child care, herbal healing, and how to prepare healthy meals: meals, with ingredients, that would make the people strong. 

After all these things and more, the initiates, would be returned to society.  No longer youth, but, men and women: fully skilled, as contributors to the community.  But, this is just the beginning, of their journey. 

 For, a great wickedness has come into the land.  The witch-king, NAN, and his fierce forces; have brought great anger, disease, and an almost tangible darkness:  darkness with the scent of death, and the taste of bitter almonds. 

Let us, all, look back.  Looking back to a time, when even Egypt was new.  When the forests where lush, and the peoples where few.  A time when great beasts roamed free, in the bush; and, all men walked tall, claiming the Clan Of Cush.    


 C.A.Mitchell copyright 2008, all rights reserved


Learn more about the Cush Clan,  in our  E-Comics Section:  located within the Photo Gallery.









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Saturday, April 5th 2008

1:35 PM

E-Books & Short Stories: Man Of Sin / Chronicles Of The Apocalypse


MAN OF SIN/ Chronicles Of The Apocalypse:     A dark tale of intrigue,  action,  and elaborate  sci-fi  adventure. 




          A time of great turmoil, has come into the world.   A time of civil strife and war, this world has never known.   A time when babes, still dwelling in the womb; begin to lash out, at their mothers.  Freak storms erupt on the land, laying waste, and then dissolving into nothingness; as if it never were.  


            Disease and famine rage in all parts of the globe.  Yet, there still were pockets of great prosperity; indifference; and vice.   This shame was shrouded by gleaming fortressed cities: large metropolises of promise, which can not be kept. 


            In the regions, encompassing these walled citadels; were processing plants, warehouses, and monolithic factories.    In the sewers, swamps, and marsh lands, one would find mutants.  These rejected are the refuse, from government and corporate sponsored super soldier programs:  Men and women of honor, literally thrown to the wind.   They loose everything: their families; their status;   and ultimately, their humanity.    They know nothing but hatred and revenge.  Revenge against the system that created them; used them; then forgotten them.     


            In the old farming districts, and forests; dwell throw backs, to a more desolate time.   On once abundant tracts of land, are vast refuge camps; littered with slime ridden shanties, filled with the hidden horrors of slavery. 


            All of the above, and more; best describe the world, … just before its end.   



A cast of characters


1] The Protagonists:  Twenty years old, Kwame Davids; his mother from Ghana, and his father from southern Georgia.   For the past six years, Kwame, has been plagued; not just by the death of his parents, but also by nightmares: elaborate dreams, of an impending doom. 


2] Intelligence director, Mark Benin:  Benin answers only to the Governor General; leader of the Northern Sector Alliance.  Mark has one main mission; to find the present location, of Caleb Fairchild.  Then wait for further instructions.   


3] Commander, Jonathan Michaels:  Michaels leads an elite unit of field agents.  They answer to him only.   He answers exclusively to Director, Mark Benin.  Jonathan, also, has been plagued with dark dreams.  


4]  Caleb Fairchild:  Fairchild is heir to the Fairchild fortune.  His family line can be traced back before the Mayflower;  then there is the rumor, of a royal blood line.   But, this is idle chat.   Caleb is a world traveler, and collector of antiquities.   Caleb was last scene, six years ago; roaming the vast halls and corridors, of an obscure archive in Eastern Europe.   No one has caught sight of him since. 


5]   The Twins:  Two celestial sentinels; both sent to earth, as protectors and guides to Kwame Davids.   One is a six foot four wall of sinewed muscle; a dark complexioned male, with shoulder length braids.    The other is shorter in stature; but, fierce in battle.   The shorter of the two, is Asian in appearance; with a slim, athletic build.  He being consistent in his attire:  always wearing a light brown skull cap, pulled down, over his eye brows; a light brown sweat shirt; and dark brown baggy shorts.  The last, and most unusual of his characteristics; is his wearing of open toed/ open healed, leather sandals:  even during the winter seasons. 


6] Governor General, Demos Charismma:  Demos is the leader of the Northern Sector Alliance.  A man, who amazingly appeared, on the political scene; fifteen years ago.   Charismma moved quickly up the ranks; of the most secretive of societies, to finally stand second to the “throne”.   Second only, to the Supreme Governor General, Of The World Ruling Council.    Note:  The Governor Generals, supposiblity, answer to the people of their sector.  Demos Charismma, answers only to a magnificent; yet, mysterious light.  



©   Caleb Abraham Black  2008  All Rights Reserved


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Saturday, April 5th 2008

1:32 PM

E-Books & Short Stories: Parable Of The Jeweled Warrior Priest


The Book Of Asshur’s/ Parable Of The Jeweled Warrior Priest:  An Ancient Quest and Adventure



          Our story begins, at it’s end.  It is night, just before dawn.  Location: an ancient realm in south eastern Asia.  One sees our protagonist, fighting for his life; and the life of his companions. 


            Haran, our protagonist, launched an ambitious quest into the unknown.  He, interested in expanding his father’s holdings, and network of suppliers; decided to visit each Babylonian colony, and kingdom, personally.


            While organizing this venture; as well as, during his journey, Haran is joined by five companions.  Each with their own agenda, and story.   His companions, outside of Haran’s seventy men of valor; and, his thirty attending servants, go like this: 


            1} A Temple Priest and Scholar, while in vision, was urged to join Haran; on his journey.  2} A red haired warrior, born in the distant west; and personal body guard, to the temple priest.   3}  An Asian astrologer and teacher: employed by the Babylonian king.  4} A Kushite shaman-acolyte; and friend to Haran.  The Kushite was in school, at the university; in a quest for knowledge: knowledge, he longed to share, with his people.  Haran had saved him, during an earlier journey, into his homeland.  5}  Lastly, his wife:  A Persian  girl, now women, That Haran released from slavery.  She was discovered in a camel caravan; coming from the Far East: one packed with silks, slaves, spices, and pearls.



             Now, they are in, a life and death struggle.   They were all lightly sleeping, when the night watches, sounded their alarms.   Haran and his men went right into action.   The assassins seemed to appear from no where.   It was as if, the dense foliage; and the air itself, had come to life.  Hundreds of these assailants were dispatched by his men; many were killed by Haran, himself.   All of this came to an end; however, when Haran hears a women’s scream.  A scream emanating from deep in the bush.  It was his wife, crying out to him.    


               Then it happened; three darts strike Haran, in his neck.  Suddenly, he is unable to move.    The earth beneath him begins to turn, upside down; then he falls into the void. 


            Still not able to move, Haran hears his wife,  in the  far reaches of his mine.   She screams, and yells his name.  Then he hears, sees, and feels nothing.  Nothing but his continuous fall; into the black abyss.   



©  C.A.Mitchell  2008   All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, April 5th 2008

1:28 PM

E-Comics Preview




The Hidden Enigma:    A Sci-fi tale of intrigue, action, and great adventure.


What does an ancient Viking Lord; a Rogue Gun Slinger, of questioned ancestry; and a 21st century, South African Vigilante, have in common??


They all long for; and are all known as:  The Hidden Enigma.   


[  to be continued    ]


©  C.A. Mitchell  2008   All Rights Reserved






This title is presented in the spirit of THE BOONDOCKS CARTOON SERIES and the famed  Dave Chappelle Show

You Will Enjoy

For more information, on the controversial beginnings, of this upcoming title; please go to the journal archives. 


©  C. A. Mitchell  2008   All Rights Reserved





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Saturday, April 5th 2008

1:18 PM

E-Books & Short Stories: DOOMED CLERIC / A Fade To Black



Doomed Cleric/ A fade to black:  A tale of dark mystery, passion, and power.




          My name is Kumar Mandala.   I am a successful and enterprising evangelist; who has, unknown to everyone, lost his faith in God.   Raised by Christian missionaries; I lived my entire life, in and around the church.


  My father and mother said that they fell in love with me; and adopted me, as a young boy.  This after discovering me, in a Vietnamese orphanage; for Amerasian youth.  My true father was an American G.I. , from the Virgin Islands.  The mother who gave birth to me, was a local women; a nurse that worked on base.


  It is said, that my mother was unable to leave the country, when my father was transferred to Korea.  Anyway, I love my adopted parents, for all they have done; and the lifestyle, they shared with me.    However, something was always missing; a hole in my soul, that has yet to be filled.


Though, I have traveled the world, bringing many to a tradition which I adore; I could no longer live a lie.    So, I resigned my post; and shut down my ministry.    My wife, puzzled and devastated, asked for a separation.  I lovingly, honored her request. 


I then, became troubled by the fact, that I was still under contract to my publisher.   They asked me to write a follow-up book; to my New York Times, Best Seller: The Ultimate Universal Rain.    My friend, who also was my literary agent, advised me to go on a sabbatical; to work things out.   He hoped that the change in my routine, would unlock, not just my second book; but, also the spirit within me. 



          While exploring the net, I discovered a perfect get-away location:  Moonhaven, an obscure little town, nestled in the mountains.  Their chief industry was coal; however, the mine closed suddenly, over twenty-eight years ago. 


            Now, the town has been reborn; into a touristy, bed and breakfast/ antiques and crafts community.   Yet, this is not it’s only claim to fame.  It is a region filled with many tall tales, and dark secrets:  secrets that consumed what was left of my soul.  But, we will discuss this later.


            I was oblivious to this fact.  For, I was on vacation:  enjoying the sights; the sounds; and the trees that eclipsed the sky.   I was just driving the roads, to Moonhaven.  Driving toward my eventual ......doom.  


©  Caleb Abraham Black  2008  All Rights Reserved


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Saturday, March 1st 2008

7:43 AM

One Among The Candlesticks



[Volume 1: VI]  John, the prophet, goes on to say, "I turned to see who had spoken to me.  Turning; I saw seven golden candlesticks.  Moving among them was one that resembled Jesus: the <glorified> Son Of God."  [Source: Revelation 1vs. 1-17]  KJV

[Volume 1:VII]  "He was clothed in a fine garment; that extended to His feet; and was wearing a girdle of precious gold." says John.  "The hairs of His head and face were white like wool;  white as newly fallen snow.  His eyes burned, like crackling flame; His feet like fine brass, burned in a great furnace."

 "His voice resonated, as that of many waters.  In His right hand were seven stars.  His face shined, as a sun, at full strength; His tongue had the power of life and death."

"Upon seeing him, I fell. Falling to my feet, as a dead man falls.  So awesome and terrible was the sight; that I dare not, to look into His face."  

[Source:  Revelation 1vs. 1-17] KJV




c.a.mitchell copyright 2006

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Saturday, December 22nd 2007

5:30 PM

GODSON/ Even To Dawn { Brief Introduction Part II }


Even To Dawn



          There was woe and mourning, throughout Heaven, and all creation.  Yet, all was not lost.  The Godhead had conferred; and, had planned.  Their purpose was in the Son.  The Son, now, was called Jesus; and, Jesus being called, The Christ





 Chapter One


          Some where in The East , there was a gathering; of great and very wise men.  They pondered, “What of this star, which moves in the heavens?”  …………………….............}

[ Source: St. John 1vs. 1-5; Genesis Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and beyond; St. Matthew 2vs. 1-15;  Revelation 12 vs.1-17  ]  



The above was a brief reading and introduction, to our upcoming offer.   Thank you, for your continued interest.


Read our first entryGODSON/Even to Dawn {Brief Reading Part One}; for the beginings, of this Christ tale told, like never before.



Copyright  Caleb Abraham Black  2007, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Saturday, December 22nd 2007

9:43 AM

GODSON/ Even To Dawn {A Brief Introduction Part One}



Even To Dawn


The Beginning

            In the beginning, there were three great forces.  They called each other by name: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  And, all was good.  

        Then behold: they send, The Son, out into the void.  The Son, being the embodiment of life eternal, speaks to the nothing; and, something became.  Then the Son spoke to the something, and the something became, what was called Heaven.  And, all was good. 

                     The Father, with The Holy Spirit; confer with The Son.  They say, “Let us make living beings; imbued with some of our power.  They will do our bidding; but, will have the freedom to choose:  a will to do, and, not to do.” 

          So, behold.  The Son speaks to nothing; and the nothing became something.  This something, that came from nothing; became.  Then, The Son speaks to the something; and that something morphs and forms, into a fantastic creature: a being too beautiful, to define. 

          The Father; The Son; and The Holy Spirit say, “We will call this one, Lucifer; and, all his kind, we will call angels.  They will be our messengers, throughout Heaven; and all creation.”  And, all was good. 

            The Son, again, speaks to the nothing; and the nothing, became something.  This something begins to morph; forming into billions, and billions, of entities: creatures of pure light, and dancing flame.  All were given life, powers, and purpose.  And, all was good.  


The Traveling

Then, The Father; The Son; and The Holy Spirit say,”Let us make other creatures; let us make other worlds: filling all of creation, with our glory.  And, it was so. 

They being God, caucus among themselves.  Then behold:  The Son, the creator of all; chooses to inspect creation.  Lucifer, the first of his kind, and an arch angel; would travel with The Son. 

Eternity moves unto, continued, eternity.  God would expand creation; and, The Son would continue to inspect God’s domain.  Lucifer continues to travel with The Son; enjoying his proximity, and the status of his station.  And, all was good. 



Then, There Was War

          The Father and The Holy Spirit agree, saying, “Let us meet; let us plan.”  So, behold: The Father, The Holy Spirit, and The Son; all being God, meet.  But, they did not confer with Lucifer; for, he was not God.

And, all was not good. 

          Lucifer was the most beautiful.  He was the most powerful, of the created beings; leader of the heavenly host; and present at the birth of many of Heaven’s wonders.   Even, witnessing the beginnings of man.  However, all was not good. 

          All was not good, for where light stood, became darkness.  Where darkness stood, became envy; and where envy stood, became anger.  Where anger stood, became death.  Lucifer, being the created; wanted to be, the creator.  He being created now wanted to be, God.  And, all was not good. 

          Then, the “sharing” began.  The seeds of envy formed into doubt.  Doubt was shared.  Seeds of doubt formed distrust; and distrust was shared.  Seeds of distrust, congealed into a revolt; and one revolt, became many.  For, all was not good. 

          Many revolts expanded into campaigns, of rebellion.  One of these   campaigns was a plot against the very life, of The Son.  This meant war:  a war in heaven.   Suddenly, there was a sound of many thunders; fierce lighting, and crackling flame.  Finally it happened: Lucifer, the proven enemy of creation, was cast out.  A portal in time and space rips open; and with great force, one third of the angels, fall from eternity’s grasp. 




Source:[ St. John 1vs. 1-5; Genesis Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and beyond;   along with Revelation 12 vs.1-17  ]  



The above was a brief reading and introduction, to our upcoming offer.  Thank you, for your continued interest. 


 Read our next entryGODSON/Even to Dawn {Brief Reading PartII}; for this Christ tale told, like never before.


Copyright  Caleb Abraham Black  2007, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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