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Friday, January 26th 2007

6:15 PM





 Begining Of Shades


       In the beginning, there were three great forces: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Then behold: they send, The Son, out into the void.  The Son, being the embodiment of life eternal, speaks to the nothing; and, something became.  Then the Son spoke to the something, and that something became, an ocean of moons; stars; and worlds. And, all was good. 


A God Made Man


            The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, confer.   Their eyes are fixed, on our tiny world; when they say, “Let us make one to rule the Earth, as we rule the Heavens.  Let us make life in our image.  They will be children unto us.”


So, God descends from Heaven; gently landing on the Earth.  He beholds His handy work: the birds and great lights that subdue sky; the waters, with the many fish within. He also, views the land: filled with trees, fruits, foliage, and four footed beasts.  All was beautiful to behold, and many, perfect for food.  God says, “This is good.”




A great mist, begins to billow from the ground.    Then God  gathers and forms, the fertile, dark soils: forming this matter, into a man.  He breaths life into the nostrils of His new creation; it becomes a living soul.  And, all was good.  For, God made Adam, from the fertile soils of the Earth.   From Adam, God made Eve; and from Adam and Eve, was mankind made.  Our Creator speaks: “Go; be fruitful, and multiply: subdue the Earth.      And all was good.


The Many Shades And Colors of Time.  {Part I}






          God, peering over the heavens, concentrates on our world. The Lord says, “I will create times and boundaries, for all mankind: a time for all; upon each surface, of the globe.  May the first be the last, and the last be the first; that none may boast, of complete rule.  No one, to be, perpetual master: of anything or anyone.  Only I, the great I AM, may boast.”   

                As God said it, so did it stand.  Adam and Eve, the children of God: Adam, who rose from the dark soils of the Earth; and Eve, who rose from Adam; began heeding their Fathers, command.  They join, becoming one flesh.  Adam stirs within Eve; spewing life upon, ripening seed.  Behold; from this sacred union, was mankind born, upon the Earth. 



Dust Of The Ground


          So, from these shades of black, came shades of brown.  From the browns, came shades of red; and shades of gold, and light yellows.  From these light yellows, came shades of white.  So, from the blacks, came all the shades; for, within black, does all color dwell.



Know The Truth, And Much More; In The Book Of Asshur



c.a.mitchell  copyright  2006

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