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Saturday, January 13th 2007

8:13 AM

An Exodus

The Rose, The Maple Tree, and The Spirits of Lust-       (the poem) 


I walk among long elegant flowers.  I love their look; their smell, and their touch. I walk among tall, dark trees. I love their look, their shape, and their strength.  As I walk through this wondrous foliage, I see a lone tree.  It looks like a Maple tree, but taller.  With a long branch, that rises to the sun.

I see three beautiful birds, swoop down and rest in this tree; upon this branch.  I look and BEHOLD; the birds begin to speak.  They say,”You can have what stands before you. ‘Your God understands”.  “Your God is merciful, he understands.”

I begin to shake.  I look at the tree, from the green leaves at its’ top; down to the strong, long roots, at its’ base.  I fall to my knees, sweat falls from my brow.  I hear the bird’s voices, gently repeating,”You can have what stands before you; God is merciful.” 

I prayed to God, and said,  “Help me!”     Before, I could finish the last words of my prayer, I heard in my mind... “NO!!!”       “ I will not help you”.      I said to this voice, “Why God, why not?” “Help me please!!“  The voice, from our Creator says,” I ALREADY HAVE!”

I have placed “my Word” in your heart and in your mind”.  “You must use that Word, just as I have used the Word.”  “You must believe.   Use my Word.”  

Then there was silence. The silence was deafening.  I focused on some sounds in the far distance of my mind.  It was the birds.  The birds in the tree.  With the branch that extends to the sun.  Still saying what they said before.  I look up and see the tree, with the long branch.  I see the birds, so beautiful and wise.  I look down at the roots; strong and long.

I stand to my feet.  I remember what God communicated to my mind.  The birds get louder and louder.  I remember the words, which God left for me.  I stand strong; I stand on God’s Word, and I repeat the Lord’s words, to the birds.

The birds stop speaking.  Their countenance changes.   Suddenly, they swoop angrily; and I am in their site.  Before they touch me, I rebuke the birds;  in God’s name.  Behold, the very earth opens up, and a bolt of fire lashes at the birds; consuming them whole.

All is at rest.  My body is finally at peace.  Then I look again at the tree, with the branch that extends to the sun.  The tree, with the long, and strong roots.  Still a wonder to behold, but, something was different.  Something had changed.

I heard God’s voice in my mind,   ”Look beyond the tree.  What do you see?”

 I walked beyond the tree and looked.   Behold!  There stood a single red rose.  So long;  so elegant;  so soft, and  so beautiful.   I heard God’s voice from Heaven.  He said,” You may have what stands before you.”     “I have made this rose; this flower; for you.” “For I am merciful, and I understand.” 

God gives the rose to me.  So beautiful; I hold it gently.  I then begin to walk away; far away,  far from the tree.    A tall, strong maple tree, with a branch that extends to the sun.


Copyright  © C.A.Mitchell 2000 & 2006



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