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Wednesday, November 8th 2006

9:26 AM

The Dogs Outside The Gate

Today's entry is presented in the spirit of THE BOONDOCKS CARTOON SERIES and the famed

Dave Chappelle Show

Queston: Do we actually want to be referred to as DOGS??  Has anyone, outside of myself, ever observed dogs; around other dogs???  The following, hopefully, will be a begining.  A begining, of expanded projects; on this topic of interest.          Stay Connected.

Please Enjoy



Place: HERE                                                                         [Universal Translator]:

Time: Not Long From Now                  DOG - Man's Best Friend/ BITCH - A Female Dog


Scene One: Story Begins

   Where my dog at?  He's outside the gate:  running down; wearing down, humping down, and leaving down, every bitch in the cut.  Many pups bear his mark; he protects and provides for none.

Scene Two

   Where my dog at??  She's outside the gate:  She's a dog in heat; a bitch in full bloom.  She gives it away, then throws it away; till her flower is consumed.  If you fight for it; you can have it.  If you pay for it; you can have it.  She will bear two to three pups; then leave, and shake you down, for years.  But, you can have it.

Scene Three

   Where my dog at??  He's outside the gate:  He leaves at 5:00 in the evening; returns at 5:00 in the morn.  His coat shined in the sun; now it's worn and torn.  He runs with a pack of wolves, who tasted much blood.  The  City  has a warrant; and will put your dog down.

Scene Four

   Where my dog at??   He's outside the gate:  now, he's running down; licking down; even humping down, "his dog".   He and his : sex every; love every; even, sire every  bitch.  But, when they get that itch;   they bite; lick; and , play with each other.  Then mate with each other.

Last Scene

   The Creator looks down and says,    "STOP!!!"     "If  I don't go now; none will be saved." 

So, Our Creator returns; all Heaven in toe: wiping our tears; filling all with joy.   I bow before Him; He begs me to stand.  While looking around, I ask,  "Where my dog at?"    God briefly frowns, saying, " OUTSIDE !  "    " Outside The Gate. "      {Revelations 22vs. 14-15}


c.a.mitchell copyright 2006


(*) The Dogs Outside The Gate  [T.D.O.T.G.]  story meaning is simple: 

             Today we point fingers, and gloat.  Tomorrow, we’re in, that very same boat.  Live And Let Live.   For, we might run fast, but karma is faster.   


For more information on present and future projects of C.A. Mitchell;

contact him personally at  c.a.mitchell@cavtel.net  or at


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Posted by susanmayer:

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Thursday, November 5th 2020 @ 7:29 PM

Posted by Fire N Books:

When I first wrote TDOTG; it was suppose to be an outline, for a play, that I wanted to write. As I began writing, it began to flow, like a poem. So, I left it, as such. {Exuse my grammer} Now, it has evolved into an E-Comic Strip. It is presently located in the Photo Gallery Section, of [firenbooks.bravehost.com]. One day, I hope to develop TDOTG into an animation; and into a stage play, as well. I am inspired by the works of Tyler Perry {Madea Goes To Jail & Diary Of A Mad Black Women }and Aaron McGruder {The Boondocks}. In closing, it was not my intention to judge or offend anyone. Because, if you really think about it; every man and woman, is represented by one of the chapter sketckes. For we all have sinned; needing God's Healing and Forgiveness: I know I do. How about you? May The Creator Bless you all. Please, continue to visit Firenbooks; and, bring a friend.
Saturday, September 5th 2009 @ 12:42 PM

Posted by Sevina Imogen Snape:

Hello Carl
Have a super day !

Sunday, November 26th 2006 @ 3:35 PM

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